A Backstage Look into the Special Conference: Interviewing Head of Special Conference Contança C.

Beatriz S.


The IMUN press team had the opportunity to interview Contança C, the Head of Special Conference. The Special Conference is much like the general assembly, with the same debate format, but concerns less generalized issues. In the meeting, we discussed some of the backstage emotions and journeys that she had to take to make this conference run smoothly. 

Q: “Could you please give us a summary of your admin/press/MUN experience?”
A: “I’ve been involved in this world since the 6th grade as a delegate. I’ve also been to THIMUN as a delegate in the 10th grade. I started chairing in the 9th grade for JMUN and last year I was also a chair as the Vice President of a Special Conference. This year I am the President of the Special Conference.”
Q: “The Special Conference is our second online IMUN conference-- how is it the same and different from the conference last year?”
A: “From the in-person conference it’s a huge difference because you would build bonds with these people from other schools during the lobby time, and we, unfortunately, can’t have that connection through a screen. Other than that, I think we have been successful in adapting to this new normality and we are capable of keeping the debate running and interesting.”
Q: “Out of all the agenda issues we have for this year’s conference, which one is your personal favorite?”
A: “It would be the question of ensuring sustainable use of non-renewable resources after the Covid-19 pandemic.”
Q: “Do you have any concerns about this conference?”
A: “I think since we have already had an online conference of this size, my concerns got smaller. But I am always afraid of technology issues, especially since we have a new tech team and we haven’t had the opportunity to work with them.”
Q: “Anything you want to say for students that are participating in IMUN for the first time?”
A: “My biggest piece of advice is to remember that everyone is nervous. It doesn’t matter how many times they have done something like this before, people are nervous. So don’t worry too much and focus more on having a fun experience.”
The IMUN press team thanks the Head of Special Conference, Costança C, for her time and hopes she has a good IMUN experience.