A Summary of the 2021 Special Council 1 Debate-- “The Question of the Measures taken to Spread the COVID-19 Vaccine”

Isabella B.


On the 12th of November, 2021, the opening ceremony marked the first day of the second IMUN online conference. Immediately following the opening ceremony was the SPC 1, or Special Conference one, debate on South Sudan´s resolution. This resolution was based on the question of measures taken to ensure the fair distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The Philippines passed an amendment condemning companies for providing false or misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccine that could possibly discourage people from getting it. Despite the arguments that the amendment imposed on people's freedom of speech, or that the amendment was too weak, it managed to pass. Russia proposed an amendment that urged the use of the Sputnik-V vaccine, a Russian-innovated adenoviral vaccine, along with the general demand to accelerate and increase resources on the testing of COVID-19 vaccines. This amendment was not passed due to the fact that the Sputnik-V vaccine had not yet had enough testing to be approved for use, and had failed multiple efficiency tests. Additionally, vaccine testing had already been accelerated in response to increasing case numbers, making the amendment's second half largely unnecessary. 

Portugal suggested an amendment that urged governments to, instead of the originally mandated 60%, have at least 75% of their eligible population vaccinated. This amendment was not passed, as 75% of the population was considered by delegates too ambitious a number, and the international community’s goal should instead be to help LEDCs-- less economically developed countries. Many countries already have access to the vaccine but have people that refuse to get vaccinated, resulting in many wasted vaccines. Australia also wished to add an amendment that, “reinforced health care systems,” but was ultimately refused due to it being too vague and expensive in order to cause any change. 

Ultimately, the debate was entertaining and opened doors to many different topics of discussion that will be further explored tomorrow. The press team would like to wish all participants a good online experience, with a fruitful debate tomorrow.