An Inside Look into IMUN Preparations-- An Interview with Head of Admin Aliya T.

Beatriz S.

On the 19th of October of 2021, the IMUN press team had the opportunity to interview the Head of Admin, Aliya T, for the 2021 edition of Iberian Model United Nations. The Admin team works hard to make sure that the conference runs as smoothly as possible through rigorous organization and note-taking.

Q: “Could you please give us a summary of your admin/press/MUN experience?”

A: “I started to do admin in IMUN in 9th grade. In the beginning we had simple jobs, such as making the badges for the people in the conferences. In 10th grade I was a part of the team again, but I gained some experience by being a part of JMUN. Last year's conference (2020 IMUN) was the first online conference where I was the Vice Head of Admin, so my team and I had to adapt to making everything online which was a massive struggle. We struggled because no one knew what to do and adapting to this new normal was a bit weird. But this year I'm the Head of Admin.”

Q: “On the topic of an online conference, this is going to be our second year online. How is it the same or different from the conference last year?”

A: “The main difference is that there are a lot more schools participating. Last year we barely had any because no one really knew how the conferences would take place online, since a massive online conference had never really been done at our school. Fortunately, this year we have many more schools and many more students participating. Even in the admin team, compared with the last conference, we have more helping hands since they had some idea of what it would be like to organize an online conference.”

Q: “What was the hardest thing when organizing the conference? What challenges did you face?”

A: “Honestly, I think communication through Teams is really hard because people might not read messages or might not even show up to meetings. It makes me a bit nervous for the conference itself, but at the end of the day I know that people will cooperate to make the conference run smoothly.”

Q: “Do you have any concerns about this conference?”

A: “I think the dates are what is bothering me because it just feels a bit weird to me that we are holding this conference in the middle of November. But for the team, I’m especially worried-- since a big portion of the admin team is made up of new people-- that they won’t understand the technology.”

Q: “Anything you want to say for students that are participating in IMUN for the first time?”

A: “The biggest piece of advice is to not be scared, especially for the delegate position. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and you should be confident. Look at it this way: it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The IMUN press team thanks Aliya T. for her time and sends her good luck for a successful IMUN conference.