An Interview with Head of IMUN Press Team Elizaveta K

Isabella B


On October 18th, 2021, the IMUN press team was given the opportunity to interview the Head of Press, Ms. Elizaveta K. Press team is a group of aspiring journalists who observe the IMUN conference and produce articles on debate topics, as well as general news relevant to modern-day issues. In this interview, Ms. Elizaveta K shared her opinions on IMUN online as well as some advice for those experiencing IMUN for the first time.


Q: “Could you give a summary of your press MUN experience?”

A: “I have been doing MUN since 6th grade. I have done JMUN from 6th to 8th grade and then started IMUN press indirectly in 9th grade, meaning I helped with things like editing. I didn't really go to the conference itself until 10th grade, where I went as a part of the press team. In 11th grade, I was nominated as the deputy head of the press team, and this year I am the head editor.”    

Q: “This is our second online conference. How is working with blog posts different from printed copies?”

A: “I would say it is a lot easier because there is less stress regarding trying to print all the papers on the day and making sure that you have enough papers for every single delegate. Actually, all the folding and cutting you have to do by hand takes a lot more time, and I do believe it's less environmentally conscious because you cannot print this size on recycled paper. Blog posts are a lot more interactive, easier to edit, and more accessible, which encourages the delegates to actually look at them. A lot of the time in blog posts the goal is to provide background information. The environmental aspect is a lot more interactive, and we can actually do things like the annual IMUN meme competition that we have. So a blog means we can do a lot more activities overall and have a bigger press team with more articles.”

Q: “Do you have any concerns about this conference?”

A: “As far as I can tell, it seems to me that it's going to go smoothly. However, there is a concern of communication between the bubbles (sections of students from grades 10 and below created for COVID-related concerns.) We've been fortunate enough that the bubbles are pretty near now, so the communication is going to be a lot easier and since we do not have any members on the press team from other schools it shouldn't pose a major issue. Overall, I think that for the first time everything went pretty well. The second time should go even better since we have our experience already”

Q: “Anything you want to say for students that are participating in IMUN for the first time?”

A: “Don’t be afraid to interact in the debate. The worst thing you can do is sit there because it's boring for everyone. Keep the debate moving and try to bring in some new points. Since this year I believe technology is somewhat allowed and there is more flexibility with it, seek out new points so you can keep the debate going. Make sure that you don't just strike all the propositions and all the resolutions because then it makes it less interactive for everyone else. For IMUN press people specifically, it's always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, so my recommendation is to come in with at least somewhat of an idea of what you're doing. It's a lot of work-- a lot more than it seems for delegates, admin, and press. So if you're expecting that you're going to be sitting there bored, that means you're probably underprepared … so make sure that you're on top of things.”

The IMUN press team thanks Elizaveta K. for her time and sends her good luck for a successful IMUN conference.