An Interview with Secretary-General Pedro L.

Priya S.

On October 8th of 2021, the IMUN press team was given the opportunity to interview the Secretary-General of IMUN, Pedro L. The Secretary-General organizes the dates of the conference, proposes the issues considered by the different assemblies, decides the overarching theme of the entire conference, and presides over all debates on the day of the conference itself.

Q: “Could you please give a summary of your MUN experience?”
A: “I did JMUN since the 5th grade as a reporter, JMUN throughout middle school as a delegate, IMUN in 9th grade as a delegate, THIMUN in 10th grade as a delegate and also as a chair, ICJ-- the International Court of Justice-- as a judge, chaired in THIMUN in 11th grade, and was invited this year to be Secretary-General.”
A: “How did your experience in IMUN and THIMUN help you become the Secretary-General?”
Q: “Well, going to THIMUN really was awe-inspiring. Like actually being there. I really, really like being online, but the feeling you get when you’re there in person makes you believe in all of this. It’s on such a great scale and you meet so many different people and make so many new friends and the debate is on such a different level-- just those five days of THIMUN gives you so much knowledge. That knowledge and the experience was, for me, the key to becoming the Secretary-General.”
Q: “The conference is our second online IMUN conference, how is it similar and different from the conference last year?”
A: “One major difference from last year is that we are going to have bigger rooms. We actually ended up having delegates participating from last year, between 50 to 60 delegates, which gave IMUN more diversity and made the debate more interesting and fast-paced. One of the biggest troubles encountered last year, especially during lobbying time and in the debate, was the smoothness of the debate. Although it was an incredible debate last year, it can always be improved upon. Having seen how THUMIN did it last year, they had huge rooms even online, the worries of having a big online debate went away. So we also decided to have bigger rooms. Another difference is how we didn't have the chair workshop last year, but this year we will have it.”
Q: “What was the hardest thing when organizing the conference?”
A: “The hardest thing about organizing the conference was managing everything and keeping a global view on everything that's happening. Making sure that you know everything that is happening and staying in control of everything while still delegating and allowing everyone to do their own things, while making sure everything is still on track. And answering emails.” 
Q: “What challenges have you faced during organizing this year’s conference?”
A: “The biggest challenge is coordination. Right now we are trying to assign delegations and because there is such a big back and forth between us and Mr. Andrews and other schools, just to keep track of everything and organize. So that at the end of the day we don't have too many delegates saying we have too many delegates. That is the biggest challenge because there is always a lot of information lost in translation and we need to make sure that doesn't happen.”
Q: “Do you have any concerns about this conference?”
A: “My biggest concern with this conference is that there is an issue that I won't be able to foresee because we are trying to do the best job possible in planning everything and predicting everything, but it's impossible that everything goes as planned . I guess that's the main thing in organizing these things-- at the end of the day nothing will be perfect. You do your absolute best, but on the day there are always going to be problems and issues to deal with.” 
Q: “Anything you want to say for students that are participating in IMUN for the first time?”
A: “Go for it. I´m not going to say don't be afraid because you're going to be afraid - you're going to be nervous -but take that chance. Try to push that fear aside, and really take advantage of this opportunity. MUN and IMUN especially have been absolutely transformative in my life, it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had in high school. I definitely think that if you don’t put yourself forward and try to ignore your fear and speak up, you won’t enjoy it and take as much advantage out of it.”
The IMUN press team thanks Pedro L. for his time and sends him good luck for a successful IMUN conference.