An Interview with the President of Security Council Anita S.

Isabell B.

In October of 2021, the IMUN press team was given the opportunity to interview the President of the Security Council, Ms. Anita S. The Security Council concerns all issues relating to international peace and security. In this interview, Ms. Anita S. shared her opinions on IMUN online as well as some advice for people who are experiencing IMUN for the first time.

Q: “Could you please give us a summary of your admin/press/MUN experience?”
A: “I began MUN in 7th grade with JMUN and continued that in 8th grade. Beginning 9th grade, I joined IMUN as a delegate. I also joined GIMUN that very same year, which was in March. In 10th grade I joined the Yale version of MUN which was during Thanksgiving. I also joined MUN that year as a delegate, as well as GIMUN and THIMUN, which was in Hague. Beginning in 11th grade, I was the Vice President of the Historical Security Council of IMUN, and now in 12th grade I’m President of the Security Council.”
Q: “The conference is our second online IMUN conference-- how is it similar and different from the conference last year?”
A: “I think that many more schools are joining now that virtual conferences are more the norm. Before, schools were reluctant to join and, since it was only temporary, they thought for one year only they’d excuse themselves from participating. But now since it is yet another year of virtual conferences more schools have decided to join. That's one new aspect of this conference. We’re also having guest chairs from other schools assuming the role of part of the officer team, unlike last year. They’ll be chairing the Security Council and Historical Security Council which didn’t happen last year.”
Q: “Out of all the agenda issues we have for this year’s conference, which is your personal favorite?”
A: “I really like the topic concerning Afghanistan because it involves a lot of countries such as the US which is a key player in this topic. It also has lots of aspects to this agenda issue which will be debated in the Security Council such as the humanitarian aspect, the social, political, and economic, so I hope to see that people will be tackling this debate in multiple perspectives which will make it interesting.”
Q: “Do you have any concerns about this conference?”
A: “Well, just because it's online my only concern is that we may find difficulty in organizing it because we're still not too comfortable and familiar with this different setting because it's only our second year doing it. I'm really worried that we’ll struggle on the technology side, but then again everyone is understanding and we're all in the same place so I don't think there should be much to worry about.”
Q: “Anything you want to say for students that are participating in IMUN for the first time?”
A: “Don't be afraid. I know it might seem intimidating, but just know that people aren't there to judge you and it's ok to make mistakes-- everyone does them. If you want to speak but are too nervous, I advise you to write down exactly what you have to say so that you feel more confident and comfortable when you decide to speak up.”
The IMUN press team thanks Anita S. for her time and sends good luck for a successful IMUN conference.