Interview with American International School of Johannesburg

Priyá S.

This year, IMUN has 20 schools participating, one of which is the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ), an International school stationed in South Africa. This is the first time that the AISJ has ever participated in the IMUN conference. The IMUN press team had the honor of conducting an interview with the school's director.

Q: “How are you dealing with the time zone difference?”

A: “It is ok. It is two hours. We attended BEIMUN (Beijing Model United Nations) and that was hard as we were up at 04:00 for the conference. 2 hours just means staying up a bit later. The school administration was very supportive, and that helped.”

Q: “Could you please give us a summary of your MUN experience?”

A: “I have been doing MUN since 1997 and I think this is my 38th conference.  I have done middle school and high school, directed conferences, and been a visitor.  I think my biggest lack of experience is with Press and Tech!”

Q: “How did you discover the IMUN conference?”

A: “I knew about IMUN because I taught at AISB (Romania), and Ms. Hoffman has been a regular attendee. She ran the HS MUN program, and I ran the MS program. IMUN has a great reputation and I thought that it would be a good experience for our students.  We have a very international student group (around 100 countries represented in the school) and your conference seems well suited.”

Q: “Why did you choose the IMUN conference?”

A: “Well, to be honest, it was convenient in terms of the dates and the time zone.”

Q: “As this was your first time in IMUN, what are your thoughts about this year's conference thus far?”

A: “We had a smaller team for this conference as we had just come off our own JoMUN (Johannesburg Model United Nations) experience. We had several new students to MUN, and I was a bit apprehensive due to the lack of preparation time that we could get in.  However, it has been a really rewarding experience and I commend the leadership and secretariat for their organization.”   

Q: “Do you have any feedback or anything that you would like to change?”

A: “This Zoom stuff is something we all tolerate. I could suggest some things, but it would not be fair.  I think IMUN has been great and I hope to attend (in person!!) in the future.”

The press team would like to humbly thank the Director of the International School of Johannesburg for their time, and wish them a truly fruitful debate.