The Commutative Art of Political Cartoons - 2021

Ana S. Judy Q.

Political cartoons are drawings made for the purpose of conveying commentary on politics, politicians, and current events (Britannica). These cartoons play a significant role in the political discourse of society, with the capability to offend people from all sides of the vast political spectrum. 2021 marks the first year that IMUN has ever had a designated political cartoonist, Judy Q, who created the following cartoons to represent both IMUN and other current events.

This cartoon was drawn to represent this year's IMUN conference. This is the second year IMUN has ever been an online event-- a change that worried delegates, IMUN heads, and admin alike. While there are many technological hoops to jump through to ensure a smooth and fruitful conference, having the conference online has allowed for even more delegates for a more diverse conversation. This cartoon shows an IMUN delegate wearing the customary formal wear and, taking advantage of the camera's ability to only see their upper half, wearing stylish polka-dotted pajama bottoms. To all delegates wearing comfortable, non-formal bottoms: you aren't the only one.

This cartoon was drawn to illustrate the nature of those in the service sector. For those in health care, the service industry, and tourism, COVID-19 truly devastated their careers and livelihood. Millions of workers internationally were left jobless, with even more experiencing pay cuts. Above is an image to celebrate and praise those who dedicated themselves to their jobs and suffered the economic effects of the pandemic-- from cleaners to nurses and other medical professionals to those in food delivery. Along with celebrating their achievements and dedication, this cartoon serves to illustrate the sheer magnitude of work and expectations that were forced onto the shoulders of these people by representing the working class as a person overloaded with tasks.

In full, political cartoons fulfill an incredibly important role in the world of politics-- making the often complicated issues easier to understand. By creating another medium of information, political cartoons better deconstruct certain political situations through metaphors, satirical language, and expressive illustrations. These devices make the situations more digestible for more visual individuals, ultimately making politics more accessible.  

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