Interview with Secretary-General

Interview with Secretary-General
Luca I.

Q: Could you please introduce yourself and summarize your IMUN experience? 


A: My name is Eva Schaeffers Félix, and I’m in 12th grade. I’ve been participating in MUN since 5th grade as a press for JMUN. I participated in JMUN in middle school, and IMUN all throughout high school. In 10th grade, I participated in GAIAMUN, and in 11th grade, I participated in THIMUN and was a chair for IMUN. This year, I was given the honor of being Secretary-General for IMUN. 


Q: What was the process behind choosing the agenda issues? 


A: We started by choosing our theme- Autocracy vs. Democracy- and worked from there. We chose issues that were relevant to the current day, especially regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. We based our agenda issues on articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and on what we saw in the news. For example, after what happened with the journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, we agreed it was important to include an issue about freedom of the press. 


Q: This is the first live IMUN conference in two years. How does it feel, and what do you think are the main advantages/disadvantages compared to the previous years' online conferences? 


A: I’m excited to have an in-person conference. Though I did enjoy chairing online last year, I believe that a big part of IMUN is everyone being together at the Centro Cultural de Belém, simulating the United Nations. I think an advantage is that it’s more of an immersive experience, but this comes with the disadvantage that it might be more difficult to keep the house in order.  


Q: Were there any unexpected challenges or surprises you faced while planning the conference? 


A: One surprise was the importance of technology at this year’s conference. As IMUN has gone paperless, the student officers needed extra training to use the RMS software. Ultimately, this will save us a lot of work transcribing amendments and printing resolutions.  


Q: What are you most looking forward to regarding the conference? 


A: I’m most looking forward to chairing. I truly enjoy participating in debates and seeing all the delegates collaborate to find solutions to global issues.  


Q: Is there any message you would like to tell all the IMUN delegates, especially those who might be doing this for the first time? 


A: I think it’s very important to make the most out of this experience. When I participated in IMUN for the first time, I was almost too nervous even to make a point of information. Looking back, I realize that there was no reason to be stressed. You can only overcome this fear by trying and realizing that IMUN is most enjoyable when all delegations contribute to the debate.