Say Cheese! IMUN Delegates Take a Picture with the President

Say Cheese! IMUN Delegates Take a Picture with the President
Marina L., Isabella B., Luca I.

On the first day of IMUN, Friday, November 12th, four delegates from the ­­­­Vilamoura International School in Algarve had the honor of stumbling upon the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. President Sousa is known both in Portugal and abroad for his aggressive handshakes, friendly demeanor, and love for swimming in the Cascais bay all year round.

IMUN Press spoke to Laura L. who represents Cuba in the Special Conference (SPC), who explained how, in their return to the Centro Cultural de Belém after lunch, they spotted President Sousa accompanied by two “military men”, or national guards. In her words, her model UN colleague grabbed her arm in excitement, pointing at the President, and they all walked toward him to ask for a picture. 

According to Laura L., President Sousa was happy to talk to them, take a picture, and even hugged the delegates. This event was corroborated by Maria S.­­­, the delegate of Brazil in SPC, who further elaborated on their conversation with the President. He was interested in the conference and in the Algarve, where the student delegates came from, leading them to bond over his love for the southern Portuguese beaches.

The delegate of Brazil to the Security Council, Ana Carolina R., added that Mr. Sousa’s approachability and curiosity demonstrate his “dedication to the Portuguese people.” Laura and Carolina agreed that President Sousa acted like an “ordinary citizen”, and his friendliness reflected the overall tranquility of the Portuguese people. With Portugal being one of the safest countries in the world, it’s no surprise that the President has the freedom to be so open toward his constituents.