Security Council: COVID-19

Security Council: COVID-19
Nina Z.

(Image source: of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva284)

The Question of Holding International Bodies and Member States Responsible for Their Involvement and/or Measures Towards COVID-19


The United States of America

The USA accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of remaining rather passive in the fight against COVID-19. The USA considered COVID-19 the biggest threat that the world has faced in the last century, resulting in the USA deciding to defund the WHO. The United States also accused China of not reporting the deadly virus in time.

People’s Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China accused the USA of insisting on using the term "Chinese virus" and "Wuhan virus" instead of COVID-19, displaying discrimination against China and causing unnecessary conflicts. It was also accused by multiple countries of reporting the virus too late.

World Health Organization

The WHO is being criticized by multiple countries, as the Organization’s declaration of the virus was too late and member states couldn’t take effective measures, causing it to reach a pandemic level. 

United Nations

The UN was criticized by multiple countries for its slow reaction and its incapability of stopping the conflicts between countries due to the virus and effectively alarm them of its spread.